tisdag 3 november 2009


Var in på en australisk julaffär på nätet och fann detta spel... Har aldrig sett ett julmonopol tidigare. Är i och för sig inte alls intresserad av sällskapsspel, men detta såg så juligt ut att jag måste skriva om det...

CHRISTMAS-OPOLY is a very special festive game to help celebrate the season. It's filled with favourite Christmas memories for all generations - so decorate your tree, put your lights up, wrap your presents, gather family and friends, pop the lid off the box, shout "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and start playing!

To play, collect Christmas properties, increase your property value by buying presents and trading them for a Christmas tree. Sounds easy! But watch out - you may be run over by a reindeer. Be nice, or you just may end up with a lump of coal. It's all fun and games until someone blows a fuse, gets snowed in or is sent to 'Naughty' to miss three turns. Then things gets a little more difficult . . . and a lot more fun.
No matter what happens, you'd better not pout or you may receive a SCROOGE FINE!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kul, finns en från Göteborg med.

  2. Visst var det en tävling i Sverige, vilken stad som skulle få sitt eget monopol?